Shop the Shores LogoWhy shop local? It’s the best way to support your community!

Just check out these amazing facts about the benefits of shopping local:

1. Shopping local helps our community maintain a unique personality.

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Daytona Beach Shores. No other destination offers the same laid-back, relaxed atmosphere as our town. One of the biggest reasons for this is the local businesses that provide the amenities and color you’ve come to know and love about this area. By shopping at these local establishments, you are ensuring that future residents and visitors will experience the same magic that made you fall in love with this wonderful community.

2. Shopping local reduces damage to the environment.

The fewer miles a product has to travel to reach the consumer, the better. In addition to reduced fuel costs, reduced carbon emissions, and reduced air pollutants from the transport of the goods themselves, you as the customer can rest assured that you’ll be saving tons of money on gas from not having to make the drive to a big-box store! It’s a win-win!

3. Shopping local creates jobs for our community. 

Local businesses need workers. It’s a fact. By taking your business to these establishments, you are helping to support families right here in your community.

4. Shopping local helps make the most of your taxes.

Local businesses act as the cornerstone of Daytona Beach Shores’ economy. By investing in these businesses, you’re making sure that many of your tax dollars are ending up right back where they started by improving local amenities and supporting people like you and your neighbors through community development.

5. Shopping local gets you the very best.

There’s no question that you’ll get much better service at a small local business than you would get in a big-box store. Why? Because you matter! When you bring your business to a small shop or restaurant, your purchase goes much further toward keeping that business on its feet. Because every customer counts, you can be sure that the owner of the business will do their very best to keep you happy!

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