Business Spotlight WINNER! 

At our April social hour we had a contest who received the most business cards during the social hour got a Business Spotlight ad in our May issue of the STS (Shop The Shores) Newsletter.

Congratulations goes to Marlene Perry, Rosa, Callie of Denny’s! Located at 3162 South Atlantic Avenue, over the past 50 years Denny’s has been bringing on the day with round-the-clock breakfast and casual family dining across America. From freshly cracked eggs to craveable salads and burgers, Denny’s has an endless list of possibilities to fuel your day.
RREMC Restaurants, LLC is the Restaurant Management Company that not only operates our very own local Denny’s but a total of 35 Franchised Restaurants! They follows the philosophy that “in a business of perpetual motion like restaurants to be successful we must be involved in the community, environmentally aware and value our human capital in addition to providing “Wow” guest experiences.”

 Their Teams get quite wonderful reviews online, like a recent shout out during bike week, “Watching the grill cooks was like watching a silent symphony! No yelling screaming or confusion, the three cooks worked in unison putting out dozens of perfectly prepared breakfasts” to a simple, “I love Denny’s so much!!!!” from a United Kingdom vacationer.

So even though Denny’s is known for its breakfasts, bottomless cups of coffee and all-American grub, don’t forget this diner has been a local establishment for decades and we are lucky to have such a clean, tidy and wonderfully decorated restaurant open 24/7 but right here beachside!

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